About Mega-Catch™ Mosquito Traps

Trusted, proven, tested and used by thousands of US households since 2002, Mega-Catch™ mosquito traps have consistently out-performed competing brands in independent scientific trials.

Revolutionary design features and patented technology work not only to attract, trap and kill mosquitoes, but over time disrupt the breeding cycle and reduce current and future mosquito populations.  Mega-Catch™ Traps have been designed to provide effective, long term, DIY mosquito control -  view it here!  And with four models to choose from, we have a trap to suit your needs - Mosquito Trap Comparison Chart. 

Alpha Trap Premier Trap Premier XC Trap

- 90' range
- 0.5 acre coverage
- indoor/outdoor use

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- 100' range
- 0.75 acre coverage
- dual catch system

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- 120' range
- 1 acre coverage
- programmable settings

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Ultra Trap

- 150' range
- 1.5 acre coverage
- CO2 Gas Attractant System

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Thanks again for all your help and quick responses. I was convinced that the MegaCatch mosquito trap was the best unit when I bought it earlier this year. Little did I suspect that the service would be just as good as the product.  


Mega-Catch™ Traps are highly effective at catching mosquitoes:

In one independent scientific test, the ULTRA Mosquito Trap caught an average of 3707 mosquitoes per night.
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Increase Capture Rates with Mega-Catch™ Attractants
Mega-Catch™ Fragrance Strips have been specifically formulated to boost capture rates of nuisance mosquitoes as well as sand flies, black flies and biting midges (no-see-ums). Learn more...