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Mega-Catch™ Mosquito Trap Storage Tips

Mosquitoes become lethargic at 60°F and cannot function below 50°F;  which isn’t until late fall in most regions of the U.S.  While some States like Florida may still be reporting heavy mosquito catches, for others in the grip of fall, the autumn leaves have dropped from the trees and frost has killed off the tomato vines along with the mosquitoes.

Typically once temperatures in your area begin averaging below 50°F it’s safe to store your Mega-Catch™ trap away for the winter.   And for a trouble-free start to next season, we recommend winterizing your Mega-Catch™ trap:

Mosquito Trap Shut Down Guide

1. Turn off the trap and disconnect the power cable.

2. Turn off and disconnect the regulator from the CO2 cylinder. (Ultra) To ensure that insects don’t nest in your C02 system during the off-season place the regulator in a sealed bag, and place some electrical tape or similar over the end of the gas line (attached to the rear of the trap) and also over the CO2 cylinder valve outlet part.

3. Remove the skirt (Ultra & Premier) and wipe down the outside of the trap with clean soapy water and a damp cloth.

4. Open your trap (Ultra & Premier) and again, using warm soapy water, clean the internal plates, heated reflective surface and fan, then allow to dry thoroughly. (step by step guide in the Operation manual or download from

5. Using a small sponge or toothbrush and warm soapy water, reach into the trap (Alpha) and carefully clean the inside casing of the fan and fan blades.

6. Remove and discard any opened attractant lures – they’re only effective for 30 days.

7. Remove and clean the mesh catch bag – pollen, dust and dirt can prohibit airflow and prevent your trap from working efficiently. If the catch bag is torn or damaged in any way, remove and discard. Start next season with a fresh mesh bag.

8. To extend the life of your trap, store it in a garage or shed, protected from the elements and extreme cold.

9. Mid-way through winter, turn on your trap and let it run for a day. This will keep the timer battery charged (Ultra & Premier) and the fan moving (Alpha, Ultra & Premier).

A little bit of maintenance should ensure a trouble-free start next season. Because mosquitoes that were infected with say West Nile Virus or Dengue before they went into ‘hibernation’ will still have the virus when they emerge – all loaded up and ready to go!

Mega-Catch™ Mosquito Traps for DIY Mosquito Control


Trap Placement:
In one study trap location made up to a four-fold difference in catch rates.  So the first thing we recommend is to check out the ‘battle-ground’.  Walk around your yard and try and identify the areas where mosquitoes are most bothersome i.e. ‘the source’.   Then set up your trap between the source of the mosquitoes and where people gather i.e. decks and patios.  Position upwind and in a shaded area because most mosquito species are poor flyers and avoid the sun.

Your Mega-Catch™ trap will act like a decoy in a sense; attracting mosquitoes towards it and away from humans.  Never put mosquito traps near people (20-30 feet is the recommended distance) because given the choice most mosquitoes will go for real rather than replica any day! (more…)

Mega-Catch™ Mosquito Attractants 101

Mega-Catch™ mosquito traps work by mimicking the smell and characteristics of prey, fooling mosquitoes into sensing a blood meal close at hand.  They function best when set up around the perimeter of a yard, attracting mosquitoes towards them and away from human activity. The more mosquitoes you attract to the trap, the more mosquitoes you’ll kill. 

The use of attractant lures in mosquito traps can significantly increase capture rates of most mosquito species.  At Mega-Catch™ we’ve developed the Octenol fragrance strips, or attractant lures as they’re commonly known, to enhance the existing design features of all our traps and increase capture rates of nuisance mosquitoes as well as other biting insects including black flies, sand flies and no-see-ums. (more…)

Mega-Catch™ Promoting National Mosquito Control Awareness Week

The American Mosquito Control Association (AMCA) has declared June 20-26  this year’s ‘National Mosquito Control Awareness Week’.  Founded in 1935, the AMCA is a scientific/educational, not-for-profit public service association dedicated to preserving the public’s health and well-being through safe, environmentally sound mosquito control programs.

While not every kind of mosquito carries every kind of disease, a single bite from the right mosquito at the right time, and you’re infected.  At Mega-Catch™ we actively promote prevention as the best protection.  And in addition to giving tips and advice on source reduction; how to easily identify and eliminate mosquito breeding sites, we also encourage homeowners to use mosquito nets, screens, and insect repellents as well as mosquito traps.  While traps won’t permanently eliminate mosquitoes in the area, most experts agree on their use in conjunction with other traditional precautions, as a way to reduce nuisance mosquitoes and biting incidences. (more…)

Mega-Catch™ Mosquito Traps – the Ultimate Christmas Gift

If you are still dealing with nuisance mosquitoes and haven’t yet stored your trap away for the winter, or just stuck on what to buy your family and friends for Christmas, let Mega-Catch™ help solve both your mosquito and gift-giving problems!

Mega-Catch 3000 Combo Lure
– the ultimate stocking filler
The Mega-Catch™ 3000 is a combination lure incorporating synthetic Octenol, lactic acid and other ingredients specially formulated by Mega-Catch™ to increase capture rates of nuisance mosquitoes (including aedes albopictus – the Asian Tiger Mosquito) sand flies, black files and biting midges (no-see-ums).

Mega-Catch™ Mosquito Traps – the Ultimate Xmas gift
Mega-Catch™ traps incorporate the latest proven mosquito attracting science and look set to become the homeowners’ first weapon of choice in the ongoing war on mosquitoes.                    

MegaCatch-Xmas-Wreath-Logo[1]Buy Online @



Manufacturers Reps Wanted for Mega-Catch™

Envirosafe Technologies International Ltd, manufactures Mega-Catch™ mosquito traps and accessories which it distributes and sells through its on-line store to over 40 countries around the globe, including the U.S., Canada, Australia, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Italy, India and Argentina. 

3 trapsMega-Catch™ currently produces three models of mosquito trap – the ULTRA, PREMIER and ALPHA – as well as spare parts and a range of accessory items under the Mega-Catch™ brand.  Orders are dispatched from a fulfillment house in Denver, Colorado.

Mega-Catch™  is looking to expand its U.S. operation through its network of Drop Ship Dealers, which currently includes, and

The company is currently looking for qualified manufacturers’ representatives with proven experience selling in the lawn and garden category.  So if you are an established manufacturer’s rep with complimentary lines and you would like to add the Mega-Catch™ range of mosquito traps and accessories, please review the website and send your inquiry to:

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