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Mega-Catch™ Mosquito Traps for DIY Mosquito Control


Trap Placement:
In one study trap location made up to a four-fold difference in catch rates.  So the first thing we recommend is to check out the ‘battle-ground’.  Walk around your yard and try and identify the areas where mosquitoes are most bothersome i.e. ‘the source’.   Then set up your trap between the source of the mosquitoes and where people gather i.e. decks and patios.  Position upwind and in a shaded area because most mosquito species are poor flyers and avoid the sun.

Your Mega-Catch™ trap will act like a decoy in a sense; attracting mosquitoes towards it and away from humans.  Never put mosquito traps near people (20-30 feet is the recommended distance) because given the choice most mosquitoes will go for real rather than replica any day! (more…)

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