Halloween Deals from Mega-Catch™ – The Ultimate Vampire Slayer

Thanks to Dracula, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Twilight, vampires are hot and popular.  However there is one little bloodsucker that will never be welcome; our old foe and original vampire – the mosquito!

This weekend take advantage of our wicked Halloween deals and keep those biters at bay.  Because whether you live in Fiji or Florida, guaranteed those vampires of the insect world are out to get you.  And while there’s no risk of turning into a vampire yourself; it only takes one bite from an infected mosquito to contract a serious, even fatal disease.

HALLOWEEN SPECIAL – the Ultimate Vampire Slayer (sale ends 31/10/2011)

Pro 900 ULTRA Mosquito Trap
             MSRP $599.00
SAVE $150.00*                           SALE PRICE $449.00

Check out all current deals @http://www.megacatch.com/buyonline-sale.html

* Bundles not included – applies to individual trap purchases only

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