Mega-Catch™ For Mom

If you’re a multi-tasking, over-worked, miracle-worker, MOM for short, then you want Mosquito Control to be easy, and with Mega-Catch™ it is; as easy as One, Two, Trap!

Source Reduction
Effective mosquito control starts with a thorough inspection of the potential battlefield; your yard! Check for and eliminate any standing water anywhere, in both the obvious and not so obvious places.

Personal Protection
When you do go outside, try to keep as much of your skin covered as possible, avoid bright colors that will attract the attention of mosquitoes, and use an effective insect repellent.

Border Patrol
Mega-Catch™ mosquito traps function best when set up around the perimeter of a yard, attracting mosquitoes towards them, and away from human activity.

Trusted, proven, tested and used by thousands of US households since 1997. MegaCatch™ PREMIER Mosquito Traps are simple to operate and are a highly effective product to reduce the mosquito problem in your backyard.

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