Mega-Catch™ Predicting Mosquito Invasion

The series of storms that pelted the South County in early March may go a long way toward breaking the three-year drought, but they also created perfect conditions for mosquitoes and the spread of West Nile Virus.

Standing water on the ground or containers like bird baths, pot plant bases and old tires, can help breed millions of mosquitoes in less than 10 days as the weather warms up.

So in addition to a keeping grass mown, bushes trimmed and debris out of the gutters, it’s essential to eliminate any potential mosquito breeding sites as well.   Remember anything that can hold water for more than a few days is a potential mosquito nursery.  Just one mosquito can produce 1,200 young and a five-gallon bucket of water has the potential to produce enough mosquitoes to invade an entire city block in a residential community.

We recommend you set up your Mega-Catch™ trap at the first sign of mosquito activity.   And to ensure you get the best capture rates this season, follow our simple step by step ‘Top 10 Tips” in the start up guide.

2010 Season Start Up Guide:

  1. Clean out catch bags and liquid containers (Ultra & Premier) and replace any ripped or torn mesh bags.
  2. Replace UV light tubes (Ultra & Premier) to optimize catch rates.  UV tubes dim over time, attracting less mosquitoes.
  3. Clean any build-up off the fan blades and internal casing using warm soapy water and wipe away any spider webs, dust, pollen or other debris.
  4. Leave the trap to dry out for at least 24 hours before starting
  5. Re-attach skirt (Premier & Ultra) and replace if necessary
  6. Re-charge the timer battery (Ultra & Premier) by plugging the trap in for at least 24 hrs
  7. Refill CO2 cylinder then reconnect to the gas regulator (Ultra)
  8. Replace attractants. Choose from either our standard Octenol, or Mega-Catch™ 3000 Combo Lure which is specially formulated to attract a wider range of mosquito species including the hard to catch Asian Tiger (Aedes albopictus).
  9. Place your trap away from people areas and as close to known breeding sites (bushes, shrubs and wet areas) as possible.
  10. Connect power cord, switch on and complete the standard start-up procedure as outlined in the trap manual. Available for download at

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