The Alpha makes moms happy!

Mega-Catch™ traps have been scientifically and independently tested by the best, including the USDA, consistently out-performing all other brands. The toughest testers and harshest critics though, are consumers and we’ve never shied away from that.

barefoot-mommys-banner2After inspecting my daughters bites, that had been scratched open I decided there had to be something else I could do to protect my children from these nasty pests! My search turned up Mega-Catch, a company that makes mosquito traps. I wrote to the company to see if I could review their Alpha Trap. Although somewhat skeptical, I was also very hopeful that I had found something that would actually help us! I was amazed at the lightweight and compact design of the trap and we plugged it in immediately“. writes Dawn Spense from Mommypr.

The AlPHA, is an economical but fully featured trap, and incorporates some of the latest technology and features used in the top performing ULTRA and PREMIER traps. It attracts mosquitoes from as far away as 90 feet using a sophisticated LED display array which pulses light in the visible and invisible spectrum at oscillating frequencies known to attract most mosquito species.

We have had our trap running for about a week now and there is a noticeable difference in the number of bites we are getting! We even ran it in the house for the first couple of nights and have not had a mosquito bite inside the house since then!” says Dawn

In one scientific test, the ALPHA caught an average of 752 mosquitoes per night, so we know it works too. Lightweight, compact and portable, it’s the ideal trap for small yards, patios and gardens. If you have a large yard, our PREMIER and ULTRA traps will handle that too. Environmentally friendly, yet safe and simple to use, Mega-Catch™ traps come fully assembled – simply position, connect to power and let them go to work.

“I am thrilled at the decrease of mosquitoes that we are already seeing in our yard and am hopeful that we will continue to see the mosquito population in our yard decrease as we continue to use our Alpha mosquito trap” reports Dawn.

We hope so too. But don’t forget the DEET. Mega-Catch™ is a responsible manufacturer who recommends mosquito traps should be used in conjunction with other sensible control measures designed to manage mosquito populations.

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